Virtual Office - Control Panel

Our Virtual office customers receive free access to our virtual office control panel. With the control panel you will always be aware of items that are located in our office. In addition to that, you are able to manage the flow of your mail by requesting immediate forwarding, imaging, or faxing of your items.

6 reasons to choose

1) Mail Center

Our virtual office mail center provides you with a detailed view of mail at our location. This eliminates the uncertainty of what items are waiting for forwarding/pickup and what items have already been forwarded.

mail center

2) Request Action

Our mail center provides you with a simple method to request an action on item(s) that would differ from your normal forwarding schedule. If you are awaiting a particular item, you can request special (immediate) handling, or simply place a request to discard.

mail handling action request

3) Email Alerts

When mail arrives at our location, you will receive an e-mail alert that includes detail regarding the sender, the mail type (letter,package,postcard,overnight mailer, etc.), and details that will designate junk mail from important items.

mail notification

4) Detailed Email Notifications

As you can see the E-mail notification that is sent upon arrival of item(s) is thorough, yet simple. We do accept handling requests directly from our e-mail notifications allowing you to bypass our back office.

mail notification email

5) Mail Tracking and History

The mail item detail is included in your back office. When tracking is available, that detail is included with a direct link to the shipper's tracking site.

mail tracking history

6) Mail Handling Request

Some clients require immediate receipt of their items. To meet that need, we offer the ability to request a Scan / Image of documents. This can be forwarded via fax or email and the scanned image will be retained in your account.

Mail scan request

Overall, we have setup a system that meets the needs of our virtual office clients. We work to provide a service that will allow you to manage your virtual location in a manner that should not interrupt your normal work flow. We are constantly adding features to our back office and are always open to feature requests.

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