Mail Receiving and Forwarding - Virtual Office Package

Walden Avenue is an experienced virtual office provider in NY state. Our primary service is mail receiving and forwarding and providing an efficient service so that the customer is aware of the items that are coming and going and can have a hand in that (efficiently) to reduce costs.

With some virtual office providers, you will be forced to pay for the forwarding every piece of mail regardless of the class. In fact, we once had a virtual office client who told us that his former provider sold his name to a catalog company and then charged him $15 to forward the catalog. Sounds like a lose / lose for the customer. At Walden Avenue we handle things a bit differently.

  • We have a unique e-mail alert system that will provide you with an e-mail whenever mail or packages arrive for you.
  • We do not resell your name
  • Our e-mail alert will provide you with the sender information and detail regarding the item in cases when it is clear that it is marketing, or catalog.
  • Our interactive back office allow you to request special handling of items, including full scans or photographs on request.

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