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NY virtual office and services. Our virtual office address program is an ideal solution for many companies and small businesses for a variety of reasons. For some, a virtual office is needed when a local commercial address becomes a must, but the price and sacrifices required to move from a home office are not yet justified. For others, virtual space is needed to project an expansion of a business. Since we are located within minutes of the Canadian border, we are also familiar with the needs that many international companies face. We understand that certain contract and business requirements necessitate a US based address and mail service and want to work with you to fill that need.

Free e-mail notifications when mail or packages arrive or depart. Mail and package forwarding notifications include free tracking. There is no need to be in the dark regarding your mail status, or package forwarding status, any longer.

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Not only do we provide you with an address located in New York State, but we also include needed services. Our services are outlined below and include mail forwarding, package receiving, and package forwarding. We offer a management control panel that includes e-mail alerts and status reports for any items received or shipped.

For some businesses, signage is a requirement. We understand that need and can provide a limited number of businesses with signage on the building*.

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We would be happy to discuss your unique needs. The pricing and services listed above are flexible based upon your needs. Please call us today to discuss. 1-716-791-RENT (7368)

* Conference room availability varies. Please call to discuss.
** Added fee for building sign is $20 per month.
*** Added fee for business profile page is $15 per month.
**** Scan and forward is limited to 8 items per month. Anything above that number will incur an added charge.
Do you simply need a virtual phone number that can forward to your current line? Get started with a low cost phone forwarding solution today.

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